Sunday, 27 March 2011

pineapple bag tutorial

Hi friends im here back with a beautiful bag tutorial.I had so much fun making this sweet pineapple bag that i figured i needed to make my first blog tutorial so everyone else can have a "sweet pineapple" too..

So,coming to the tutorial this is my sweet pine apple bag...but it took 4 hours for me to make this hhhuuh  i had to put lot of concentration as it was my first bag i had made..
 cut the pieces in diamond shape like this in 5"length and 3"width you need 30 pieces out of 12 different fabrics.
 Now,sew each of your rows together like this ,press the seams to one side.

 after sewing your rows it should look like this.
 And stitch the sides cut top and side corners off 1/4" from the closet seam.using the piece you just made as a pattern, cut out piece for the back and two pieces for the lining cut out four  green top pieces it should be in the shape as below picture length 7" and and width as it is for the bottom opening
 sew two of the green tops,right sides together,remaining the bottom side open.Repeat with the other two pieces.Clip and trim corners turn &PRESS.the turned piece is shown in the below picture and the unturned also.
 If you'd like the inside pocket cut a piece of the lining fabric 6" by 12" fold right sides together,so you have a 6"square stitch around,leaving an opening to turn.turn and press ,turning in opening center on the right  side of one of the lining pieces.Stitch around two sides and bottom.
 Stitch the two outside pieces,right sides together,leaving the top open,Repeat with the lining,but also leave an opening in the seam near the bottom.
now turn the main fabric to right side and stuff into the green part as shown in the figure and handles on the top of the green part.
And now stuff this into the lining which should not be turned into right side.So,stuff it into the lining part and stitch around the edges.

turn the purse right side out through the opening of the lining.Press and hand stitch the opening closed.hhmmmm now you will be ready with your bag.Isn't this pretty sweet ...i like this bag very much so this is the final result..

okay friends i will be back with pretty more interesting tutorials. Have a nice day!!!!!!!keep sewing!!!!

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