Friday, 8 April 2011

Wall hanger with fabric bits

hello friends here i came with a very easy new project...its a simple wall hanger out of fabric bits of different colors..have a look its very simple to make it...
okay...coming to the procedure..cut 9 rectangles of 10"length and 7"width fold it into half and stitch along the line leaving a small open in the seam line now turn it to right side and close the open stitch that.Now take a stick and three colors of satin ribbon.Tie 3 flowers to one color and do the same with remaining colors now tie all the three ribbons to the stick as shown in the figure..and tie a ribbon to the ends of the stick for hanging..its took only half an hour for me to make this hanger...try have to spend only 12RS for satin ribbons and remaining all you will have with you..

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