Monday, 18 April 2011




Hello everyone!!!I hope you all like my blog and i will keep posting my new creations regularly so keep visiting..
today i'm here with my sunflower bag tutorial ..and this is also my own creation....but i worked very hard to get the finished product it took nearly 5hours for me...and im very tired now but,then i want to post this and go to sleep...                         OKAY coming to the tutorial part now..  here is the pattern for the petals you will need-9big petals,9medium petals,9small petals and in the picture you have the measurements...and one circle black color for middle of the flower,2 main fabrics of 13''length and 12''  width,and 2 lining fabrics of same measurement,2 interfacing of same measurement.and one 6'' by 6'' for inside pocket.cut the petals andiron them on canvas. I used canvas only for the first and second row of stitch this on another cloth right sides facing together leaving the bottom open sorry i don't have a picture for this..and turn it to the right side you can see this in the picture..get out the corner of the petal with sharp edged scissor.

And after that fold the edge and stitch it.
here you will have petals like this..

These are my petals for the bag do with all the remaining petals of yours in the same manner.
Now take a yellow square piece cloth and cut into circle 10'' by 10'' and place it on the front main fabric like this....and stitch around..

And now draw a circle towards in side this circle like this for placing the petals in right place..
Now,place the first row of bigger petals and pin them ..
And sew around the line as shown in the picture..
like this..
Now,place the second row of petals,pin them and stitch in the same manner as you did for the first...

And now repeat with the last row of smaller petals...
Place the black circle in the middle and and stitch it..
HERE I HAVE DONE SOME EXTRA BEAD WORK  in the middle part if you want you can also do it else you can skip this.......

Now,attach interface to the back main fabric.
 Take one of your lining fabric and attach the pocket like this... to the right side..
I attached one card holder fabric also to the other side of the lining material.
 prepare the handles now take the long piece and fold its edges towards inside like in the picture...
 and again fold it into half and stitch along the line your handles are ready..
here are the lining part main part and handles.
 Now,attach the two main fabrics right sides facing together..leaving the top open.. and repeat with the lining also but don't forget  to leave a gap at the bottom of the lining to turn the bag to right side later..

 insert the main part into the lining part both right sides together...that means your pockets should be inside..

 and place the handles in the middle of lining and main fabric remember everything should be inside...and stitch along the top line...
 Extend the bag and turn the whole bag to righjt side from the gap of the lining. and close the stitching... and stuff the lining part into the bag haaaaaaaaaaa your bag is ready to use....

I'M very happy with the result this is my dream project came true today....

Sunday, 17 April 2011

night dress

Hello everyone!!!!!!Hope you all had a great weekend..sometimes i write here and swear no one is reading my stuff!haha it was nice to know someone read my post yesterday.Okay today i made two night dress tops for my sister...they came out really very nice just have a look at the pictures...