Saturday, 16 April 2011

Black n white ruffled bag tutorial

Helloooo everyone here im back with a beautiful bag tutorial of my own took 3 hours for me to make this but im very very happy with the result i just LOVE IT....Its for sure everyone will stare at my bag if i wear this for shopping hmmm eagerly waiting to use this with any of my white dresses..
                    Okay coming to the tutorial part now..i used transparent clothe for ruffles and cotton fabric for main and lining and satin blackcolor for the band.
 You will need 2 main pieces of length 11'' and width 12'',and two lining pieces of same measurement,and two batting pieces attacted to sponge piece of same measurement or interface,and two main top band pieces,and lining pieces of same measurement of 12''width and 5'' length,and two pieces for batting attacted to sponge piece or interface,two long pieces for handled 40;;length and 4''width,and 10 long pieces of transparent clothe of 40''width and 4''length.
 If you dont understand how to cut the fabrics here are the diagrams for you you can have a look what all pieces you will require
 Now,lets start with making ruffles for the bag,get your 40'' long pieces of width 4'' and fold it into half and stitch gathered stitch on it and do with all the 10 pieces..
 After i finished with all my ruffles this is the picture...
 Now,get your front side main fabric and start attaching the ruffles from down to top like this..
 I finished attaching all the layers and this is the top one im sewing in the below picture..
 It looks like this after you finish it off..and now attach the batting piece on wrong side of front main fabric now you are ready with the front piece..
 OKay,coming to the back piece take the back piece and attach the batting piece...
 After attaching the batting piece stitch like this cross stitches..
 Okay this is the  picture of front piece and back piece..
 If you'd like the inside pocket,cut a piece of the lining fabric 6'' by 12'' fold right sides together,so you have a 6'' square .stitch around ,leaving an opening to turn and press,turning in opening and now stitch this piece on center on the right side of one of the lining pieces.stitch around two sides and bottom.
 Now for the top band i used black satin fabric for this,sew the batting piece right sides together,leaving the bottom open,repeat with the other two pieces turn to right side and press.
 It should look like this after turning.Now,making the handles take take the handle pieces fold the two edges inside towards wrong side and again fold it in to half have a look at the picture to get the idea don't get confused its simple.

 Now,sew the handles to the top band pieces to the back side of it.
 and join the two band pieces sides like this.
 now,sew the main pieces with right sides facing each other with leaving the top unstitched.
 Insert the band pieces into the main fabric both right sides facing each other and stitch on top along the line.

 And stitch the lining pieces right sides together and leaving the top open and leave a gap at the bottom to turn the bag to the right side.

 after stiching the band piece turn it to right side and insert this in to the lining fabric which should not be turned to right side..and stitch along the top line.

 After sewing the top raw edges together turn the bag to right side through the gap in the lining and now stuff the lining part into the bag.
 hmmmmmmmmmm,now your bag is ready.. but it looked very simple for me so i want to add a flower to one of the handle..
 cut two round pieces white one should be bigger and smaller one is black.

 hand stitch around the circle ,running stitch
 and without cutting the thread pull the thread slowly like this so that you get a gathered flower ..
 Now sew the two flowers together and in the middle sew pearl beads like this as in the picture.

 and now stitch this to the handle like this WOW it looks beautiful...

 HERE IS THE FINISHED PROJECT...     I hope you liked today's tutorial! make one now!have a nice sunday! bye bye see you soon....IAM so happy to see that you all are visiting my blog because of this cute bag and as im new to all this i'm really really very excited and i would love to have your valuable comments or any suggestions thanq all and love u all.......


  1. That bag is so cute! I'm loving all the ruffles! I am featuring it at
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  2. thanqqqqq very much michelle

  3. I LOVE this!!! I found you through Someday Crafts. I'm still getting comfortable with my sewing machine, but I am hopeful I can pull this off. Wish me luck!

  4. thanq very much cookie is this your name?actually it's not that heavy bag but it seems sewing machine is very old and i don't even have electric connection to it i have tio stitch it with my energy haha..i hope your machine is much better..

  5. It's really awesome Anu! I like it...

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